Welcome to B Music Entertainment LLC

 ”B” as the best  


What is the head "B" of B Music Entertainment LLC?  I'm often asked.

"B" for "Blues Music", "Black Music", "Beat Music", and  "British Rock".

Of course, the "B" related to my favorite music is,  but there is another important "B". It is "B" of "B grade".


"Second-class" is more tough than "first-class", "No.2" is more severely sharp than "No.1", and unlike "A", "B" never gets bored.


Anyways "B" which is often treated as "second man", but the real "B" is the most enthusiastic, maniac and cool.

Our name “B” has such a meaning.

And I hope you can share that "B" with everyone.


B Music Entertainment LLC


 B Music Entertainment LLC is a licensed company that handles the trademark and portrait rights of entertainment.

If you are interested, please contact us. It may bring great business opportunities to your company. 

What kind of business ?


Product development using our license. We can proceed speedily from planning, approval, manufacturing to sales.


Program for exhibitions and event holdings that makes use of the wealth of our licensed content.


Franchise shop business that utilizes the brand name and value of our license. We will help you from concept to sales products.